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Pathways Project publishes new open educational resource pressbooks

The Pathways Project team published three new “Let’s Chat!” pressbook collections for French, German and Spanish in April 2022. Building upon the existing collection of over 800 open educational resources, each title contains over 100 “classroom-ready” conversation activities, along with expanded cultural resources, to aid teachers in integrating products, practices and perspectives in their language courses.

The Let’s Chat Pressbooks also have an expanded search function that helps users locate activities more quickly and expanded tags that include vocabulary, grammar and content categories aligned to common world language curricula. The Pathways Project team created the “Let’s Chat!” pressbook series as a result of three years of strategic community engagement with world language K-12 teacher-users and undergraduate student interns as well as ongoing research in best practices in performance-based/standards-based teaching.

Pathways Project co-directors Kelly Arispe and Amber Hoye regard the “Let’s Chat!” collection, “as further evidence of the power of open educational resources that is responsive and can adapt to diverse perspectives and ongoing needs from the communities that use these activities for teaching and learning.”

Check out the “Let’s Chat!” pressbook collections and learn more about the Pathways Project on the Pathways Project website.