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Open Educational Resources for the preK-16 Second Language Classroom

The Pathways Project

Launched in 2018 as an initiative from the Boise State Department of World Languages, the Pathways Project is an open and collaborative network of K-16 language staff, teachers and students who retain, reuse, revise, remix, and redistribute instructional language teaching materials and professional development.

What is the Pathways Project?

Teachers and students participate in the Pathways Project and come from different fields of study and schools across the globe to create open, digital activities that support the teaching and learning of world languages and promote intercultural competence.

This video is available with captions and a transcript.

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Find, Customize, and Share Pressbook

In this interactive guide by Pathways Project co-directors, Amber Hoye, M.E.T. and Kelly Arispe, Ph.D, you’ll develop your ability to find, customize, and share open educational resources (OER). This guide empowers teachers like you to adapt activities to suit your unique classroom needs, while infusing them with real-world materials. Upon completion, you’ll have an engaging and intercultural activity and the opportunity to contribute to the Pathways Project community by sharing back.

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Featured OER Projects

Bridge in South Korea at night

Life in Korea: Tips and Guides

Seoul native, Daum Jung, created this comprehensive and portable travel guide full of information and insights for students who are planning to visit or study abroad in Korea. The purpose of this travel guide is to help students to merge into Korean culture and have a memorable experience in Korea. Topics include transportation, food, shopping, landmarks, and making friends.

Lanzai Dammrose Photo Louvre

The Francophone Project

The Francophone Project, developed by Emily Blackburn and Taylor Sharp, is a resource that was created to bring awareness to the various French speaking countries throughout the world. Because culture is so important and not always covered in the classroom, we created a website for educators and learners of the French language to use as a way to access information about culture through natives. The website includes individuals from France to Canada, Algeria, The Ivory Coast and more. Through short videos, these individuals share certain aspects about their cultures while reflecting what it means to be Francophone to them.

Woman in front of library books

Interactive Study Abroad Guide for Tokyo, Japan

This study abroad guide, authored by Mary Alania, is designed to help students prepare for their study abroad experience in Tokyo, Japan. This interactive journal contains a list of important information alongside photos and authentic materials such as train tickets, traffic signs, menus, and bank ATMs. The journal also provides cultural tidbits and personal experiences that are intended to assist students in adjusting to Japanese culture and society during their study abroad.

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