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The Conversation seeks scholars of Hispanic heritage, pitch by Sept. 7

The Conversation is actively seeking faculty and doctoral candidates to share their expertise on the topic of Hispanic Heritage Month. Faculty whose pitches are accepted will be commissioned to write a short article (800-1000 words) with guidance from The Conversation editors. Writing for The Conversation is an excellent opportunity to promote scholarship, inform the news, and gain science communications expertise from decorated journalists and editors.

The Prompt

“Hispanic Heritage Month starts on Sept. 15. The Conversation is looking for scholars who can write about little-known chapters in the history of Hispanics in the U.S., or of important but not well-known Latino figures in U.S. history. The motivation for these stories is that many of these people and episodes in American history, and their legacy, are not always well known or taught. Please submit pitches, including the author’s expertise, to the pitch portal by Sept. 7.”

To learn more about how The Conversation works, visit the research communications toolbox.

For questions, guidance and tips on creating a pitch, please contact: