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Vecchione publishes book on role libraries play in student success

"From At-Risk to At-Promise: Academic Libraries Supporting Student Success" by Amy E. Vecchione and Cathlene E. McGraw

Amy Vecchione, assistant director of research and innovation at Boise State’s eCampus Center, recently published the book From At-Risk to At-Promise: Academic Libraries Supporting Student Success. Vecchione co-authored the book with Cathlene McGraw, advisor at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. The authors cover the history of student success in higher education and its connection to libraries, including how libraries can assess progress in supporting students and how to collaborate across colleges and universities to meet accreditation measures. According to the authors, this book sets the stage for academic libraries to recenter student success by removing the deficit mindset from library work and changing the processes and systems students in these spaces.

Vecchione applies the practical collaboration tools she writes about in her role at the eCampus Center to enhance student success outcomes by identifying emerging instructional practices, conducting research and identifying evidence that these practices support positive outcomes. In addition, Vecchione leads a team poised to establish online faculty learning communities to foster the adoption of practices and research methods to support online students.

From At-Risk to At-Promise: Academic Libraries Supporting Student Success was published by Libraries Unlimited, one of the top publishers in Library and Information Sciences.

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