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Araújo lead editor on Routledge Handbook of Energy Transitions

Book cover features the title, lists the editor Kathleen M. Araujo, and featured a photograph of a wind turbine farm at sea.
Book cover of the Routledge Handbook for Energy Transitions

The newly published Routledge Handbook of Energy Transitions features the editorial expertise of Kathy Araújo. Araújo is the director of the Center for Advanced Energy Studies (CAES) Energy Policy Institute and specializes in energy transitions, regional diversification, innovation and resilience. She is also the author of Low Carbon Energy Transitions: Turning Points in National Policy and Innovation.

The Routledge Handbook of Energy Transitions brings together the expertise of nearly 70 coauthors from around the world to examine the state of knowledge and cases of energy transitions.

Accolades for the book include this commentary from Mark Radka, Chief of the Energy and Climate Branch within the Economy Division of the United Nations Environment Programme. “This timely reference should come as a welcome relief to any policymaker, investor, or practitioner trying to navigate the complex energy transition now underway – a transition we have no choice but to accelerate. Many useful blueprints can be drawn from its comprehensive coverage of topics, and the crosscutting way they’re presented.”

To learn more about the book, visit: the Routledge web page.