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Two new exhibits now open in Student Union galleries

Two new art exhibits are now open in the Student Union Building.

Controlling Chances

Mixed media art
Esther Oppenheimer, Elemental I, 2017, mixed media with porcelain and
sakuragami paper

This exhibit features works by Boise State alum Esther Oppenheimer and is on display in the Student Union Fine Arts Gallery through Feb. 19. Oppenheimer’s approach to making art includes the utilization of experimental elements and incorporates a selection of diverse objects and media. These include disparate materials from the natural world as well as porcelain clay, glazes and oxides, laces, and sakuragami paper.

Your Southpaw Mirror

This exhibit features the work of Jorge Ovando and is on display through May 7 in the Student Union Trueblood Pop Up Gallery. An exhibition reception is scheduled from 5-7 p.m. on March 2. The reception is free and open to the public.

Ovando emerged from the Covid-19 pandemic a self-proclaimed artist. His work reminds viewers that with time to practice, a safe space to experiment and a desire to find their own style and persistence, all can be creative.

Man next to painting
Jorge Ovando, Yo Soy Jorge Ovando de Boise, 2022

“As a ‘Southpaw’ (left handed boxer) artist, I painted and painted and painted, never giving up until I finally found my southpaw style,” he said. Guided by the art of Mexico as his cultural map, his art making skills were formed in the early 1990s as a Southern California graffiti artist. Today, his prolific career finds him painting in the Treasure Valley, Idaho.

More information on the exhibits and the Student Union galleries can be found on the Student Union Fine Arts website.