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Institute for Advancing American Values announces new grant opportunity; submit by March 10

The Institute for Advancing American Values invites Boise State faculty to submit research proposals, ranging from public-facing scholarship to peer-reviewed research, focused on the values of freedom, opportunity, democracy, free expression and/or other enduring political, economic and social values. The Institute encourages conversation between multiple viewpoints to spur engagement, understanding and human connection.

Successful proposed projects will investigate multiple viewpoints, provide original insight, advance new knowledge or angles of analysis and gather relevant data to answer a clear research question. Supporting these projects furthers Boise State’s mission as a growing research university, an endeavor dedicated to academic freedom, and study of different ideas in service of knowledge and critical thought.

The maximum award available is $4,000 ($5,000 if engaging an undergraduate student or graduate assistant) and submissions are due by March 10, 2023.

A multidisciplinary team will review all submissions on the basis of project clarity of research question, feasibility, impact, connection to the mission of the Institute, and potential for dissemination.