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Eight Boise State presentations selected for Higher Education User Group conference

The annual Higher Education User Group Alliance conference will be in St. Louis, Missouri Feb. 26 – March 1 and eight Boise State presentations and community discussions were selected for the event.

Alliance is an annual event in higher education for networking, information sharing and professional development. It is attended by thousands of professionals, with institutions from around the world represented.

The Boise State presentations are:

Gorane Stormoen and Mike Chambers (Office of Continuous Improvement): Support Models for Cloud Environment Structures and a Process Improvement Mindset (Community Discussion)

Support models can look different for every institution in a cloud environment. This community discussion will be an opportunity for attendees to learn from each other and see what works well and what areas institutions may be struggling with.

Gorane Stormoen and Mike Chambers: Put me in, Coach! Strategies for Project Managers

Attendees will discover how teams work to support team members, concentrating on the university’s objectives for its financial system and improving business processes while managing projects. Attendees will learn about the soft skills of project management to achieve results, deliver on time and build a responsive team.

Mike Chambers: Birds of a Feather – Project and Change Management (Community Discussion)

The PCM Birds of a Feather session is an opportunity for attendees to share what works in the world of PCM. The session is based on ideas solicited from the PCM community at large.

Rachel Cronn (Office of Continuous Improvement) and Noah Shook (Vanderbilt University): Useful, Usable and Actually Findable: Collaborating to Build a Universal Configuration Knowledge Base

Vanderbilt University and Boise State University embarked on a project to capture and share universal configuration documentation for their shared Oracle Cloud needs. This session will focus on the process of collaborating across institutions, formulating a template for usable documentation and determining the right tools to allow for findability.

Matthew Bettencourt and Rachel Cronn (Office of Continuous Improvement) Testing as Training: Using Testing Strategies as a Tool for Training

This session will Introduce the idea of using testing strategies as a tool for training. This method provides structured training and gives objective data on how familiar users are with the system. Attendees will have a chance to create a testing plan using Google Sheets. Using testing strategies as a tool for training is also an opportunity to understand what is making people confused about a new system.

Jacob Bingham and Tina Gonzales (Project Management Office): Documentation vs Reality – Implementing Salesforce Data and Lessons Learned

This team will share Salesforce best practices for success and how those got Boise State to a successful kick off. They will share their process for data configuration, best practices, lessons learned and talk about the future of this complex project.

Tina Gonzales: Keeping the Customer in Mind: Adopting Adaptability and Abandonment

This session will talk about Boise State’s experience implementing Salesforce Education Cloud customer relationship management and lessons learned.

Krissy Hamilton (Office of Sponsored Programs, previously Student Financials): Leaving Your Legacy – How Student Financials at Boise State Takes on Documentation, and Why it Matters

In this session, attendees will explore the importance of documentation, how Boise State categorizes and saves documentation to make it easy to find and follow, templates for documentation and the impact of good documentation.