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Faculty librarian presents on lateral reading

Anders Tobiason, assistant professor and multimedia development and user experience librarian at Albertsons Library, was recently invited to present a webinar through the Niche Academy entitled “Lateral Reading Mindset: Contextualizing Information Resources.” 

The presentation addressed the idea of lateral reading – reading “around” an information resource to evaluate bias, inaccuracy and hidden assumptions, and how it can create a mindset that enables critical engagement within a variety of information resources. He discussed how its application creates a divergent set of “ways of knowing,” from traditional information resources to evaluation techniques. He also shared the theory behind lateral reading, as well as practical methods instructors can easily apply to their own information literacy teaching practices.

Library liaisons, like Tobiason, teach information literacy. Their mission is to actively empower individuals in becoming lifelong learners through critical engagement with information, with lateral reading being a key element for students navigating information environments and analyzing the validity of contributing sources.