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University Financial Services to roll out part of new eProcurement system April 3

University Financial Services is implementing a new way to purchase from certain companies with Jaggaer Punchout Catalogs available via Bronco Hub beginning April 3.

The product is part of a larger request by the Idaho State Board of Education to to implement Jaggager as an eProcurement system to replace Bronco Hub’s requisitioning, purchase order and invoicing processes. However, University Financial Services has performed extensive testing of Jaggaer and found there is a lack of functionality and that the full product cannot meet Boise State requirements at this time.

University Financial Services will continue to work through the functionality gaps but will enable Jaggaer’s user friendly punchout catalog functionality. Bronco Hub’s requisitioning, POs and invoicing will remain.

What is a punchout catalog?

A punchout catalog allows you to submit requisition orders for items at the negotiated contract price. You “punch out” to an external ordering system hosted by the catalog company and then bring the items back into your “cart” in Jaggaer, where you complete and submit a requisition.

When can I access Jaggaer Punchout Catalog?

A tile for Jaggaer Punchout Catalog will be available on Bronco Hub starting April 3.

Where do I access Jaggaer Punchout Catalog?

These negotiated contract pricing catalog orders can be accessed through Bronco Hub. The Jaggaer Punchout Catalog tile is found under My Organization. Select the tile to be directed to the Jaggaer dashboard, where you will find tiles for the various catalogs available.

What do I need to know before getting started?

  • Jaggaer Punchout Catalogs include catalogs for the following companies: Anixter, B&H Photo, Fisher Scientific, Grainger, Henry Schein, Medline, Office Depot, Staples, The Home Depot, and McKesson.
  • Jaggaer Punchout Catalog webpage available on March 13 will include tips and links to job aids and instructional videos.
  • Ordering from Jaggaer Punchout Catalog creates requisitions and POs. (PCards are not used in Jaggaer Punchout Catalog at this time.)
  • Requisitions through Jaggaer follow the Standard Approval Workflow Matrix.
  • There is no reconciliation process involved with Jaggaer Punchout Catalogs.
  • After approval, a system-generated Purchase Order (PO) is sent to the supplier for order fulfillment.

Can I continue to use my PCard?

We encourage you to use Jaggaer Punchout Catalogs for the suppliers mentioned above rather than purchasing directly from the websites using PCard.

Using the Jaggaer Punchout Catalogs:

  • will guarantee that campus users access the correct contract and get contract pricing
  • does not require reconciliation after the order is placed
  • does include an approval workflow (based on the Standard Approval Workflow Matrix) prior to the creation of a PO

Visit the Jaggaer resources webpage for more information or contact or