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Allen discusses China, war crimes, Ukraine and more in multiple outlets

Michael Allen, a professor of political science in the School of Public Service has been featured by multimlple media outlets in discussion of the war in Ukraine and its implications for China and Russia.

The National Desk

Cory Smith of Sinclair Broadcast Media interviewed Allen for The National Desk about China’s decision over whether to send arms to Russia. The story quoted Allen extensively as he discussed the reasons why China is considering this despite warnings from the United States and European countries that such a move would be met with consequences. The article was syndicated to several dozen local news stations nationally.

“Great Decisions”
Allen gave a talk to the Great Decisions discussion group in Ketchum, Idaho. In a talk called “War, Crimes, and Forum Shopping,” Allen discussed the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, the war crimes Russia has committed in the conflict, and the different options Ukraine and the rest of the world have for prosecuting war crimes. Allen addressed an audience that included both live and virtual attendees.

The Conversation

Allen published a new article in The Conversation that discusses recent reports on China considering whether to send weapons to Russia. Allen discusses China’s current stance, the background of the relationship between Russia and China, the new reports from the Biden Administration about the decision, what China stands to gain and lose from arming Russia, China’s and Russia’s joint vision of the world order, and current responses to the possibility. The article was also translated and published in the Indonesia edition of the Conversation.