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Process Improvement Award winners announced

On March 16, Boise State University staff and faculty attended the 2023 Process Improvement Celebration where changemakers in the community were recognized for their process improvements.

Five awards were presented to individuals and departments for their contributions in business process innovation.

Best Effort to go Paperless

Awarded to an individual or group that has sought to reduce the carbon footprint in their offices, to digitize documentation or other similar solutions.

Kori Anna Smith received this award for reducing unnecessary costs by removing unused phone lines, changing their copier and implementing a new portfolio review/report system using Google Sheets, saving their department $5,400 per year.

Best Improvement to the Student Experience

Awarded to a group or individual that innovatively improved the student experience.

This category had two winners this year.

Alexis Kenyon, Ilene McEnroe, Jon Schneider, Kelley Brandt, Lynn Harrsch, Niki Callison, Shari Stroud, Shelli Ficks and Yani Kirkendall received this award for simplifying the advising and registration process for students and advisors.

Ben Henderson won for his work in simplifying streamlining and automating the processes involved with getting Bronco Cards for new students.

Best Small Change (That Has Big Effects)

Awarded to an individual or group whose small change benefited or increased efficiency in their work area.

Cecilia Garcia and David Klungle received this award for implementing training to assist the campus community with hiring adjuncts.

Best Innovation to Benefit the Campus Community

Awarded to an individual or group that has innovated across the campus community (and potentially beyond).

Andrea Sullivan, Harmonee Teng, Jason Hall, Karina Smith, Katelin Soto, Matt Smith and Rob Libby received this award for creating an orientation and onboarding process for concurrent enrollment students and developing a method of providing the content to students and tracking completion through automatic notifications and integrations between PeopleSoft, Canvas, and Perceptive.

Best Equity Improvement

Awarded to an individual or group that has improved a process or system to create a more inclusive educational or work environment.

Anne Evans, Hank Ebert and Nick van Santen received this award for completing planning and fundraising to overcome access gaps with Work U experience and creating opportunities to pay Work U students.

Congratulations to the winners and to everyone that was nominated for an award as part of the 2023 Process Improvement Celebration.

View the nominee videos and be on the lookout for the call for nominations for next year’s awards.