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GIMM senior graduates with honors and pursues a career in mobile app/web development

Jessna Rodriguez is a Games, Interactive Media and Mobile Technology (GIMM) major, minoring in Information Technology Management and is a part of the Honors College. She is graduating in the spring of 2023 and is originally from Boise, Idaho.

Jessna Rodriguez

Rodriguez went to Meridian Technical Charter High School where she discovered her interest in programing websites. Knowing she wanted to continue working with computers in college, she chose Boise State because of the GIMM program and the opportunities it offers to be involved with the local community on campus.

Rodriguez is also a part of the GIMM Dev Team, which develops mobile apps, and she has learned programming, coding languages and soft skills such as problem solving, patience, resilience, leadership and how to be a good teammate from the program. 

Her advice to prospective college students?

“Take risks. Step out of your comfort zone. Do things that you might not originally think that you’re capable of. Taking that step is how you will grow the most,” she said.

After graduation, Rodriguez hopes to pursue a career in mobile app/web development and work on the programming side of game design.

The GIMM Senior Showcase is from 3-6 p.m. on April 12on the first floor of the Albertsons Library. This is an opportunity for GIMM seniors to showcase their portfolio after four years in the GIMM program.

At the GIMM Senior Showcase, Rodriguez plans to showcase her senior virtual reality game, Ethereon. In Ethereon, the player lives in space. A witch steals your pet and turns the world evil. It is the player’s mission to rescue the pet, grow magical crops and tame the animals. She also plans to showcase her portfolio website, which she is working on coding from scratch using HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Ethereon Virtual Reality Game