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Information Technology Management

Information Technology Management (ITM) is the field dedicated to supporting business data needs, addressing complex problems, and enabling innovation using technology. The fast-paced IT field is growing as organizations of all sizes adopt a global perspective and increasingly conduct business electronically with customers, suppliers, and partners, anywhere in the world. Students interested in IT need twenty-first-century skills, including strong communication skills, understanding of business functions and specialization in one or more technical areas. And IT is a designated STEM program. International students who graduate from this program are eligible for extended 36 month OPT.

ITM graduates step into roles such as Business Analyst to identify the information needs of organizational users, Application Developers who integrate these needs using appropriate and current technology. Other graduates become Database Administrators to capture and manage the huge amounts of data an organization generates or collects, or move into Network Management roles to manage the networks and systems which store or move the data, or become Security Specialists to protect organizational systems and data.

In this rapidly-changing field, the key to success is the ability to keep pace with the changing technologies that will evolve throughout your career, and understand how IT can be used to support organizational goals and drive innovation. Continuing education and building a professional network of associates are keys to success.

ITM majors complete a set of common core classes that provide a background in the functional areas of management, marketing, finance, accountancy and economics.

ITM Jobs and Outlook

ITM majors fill various positions in business or government. Examples include:

  • Business Analyst
  • Database Administrator
  • System/Process Analyst
  • Web Developer
  • Network Manager or Administrator
  • Information Security Specialist


The median income for a IS manager with five years of experience is $146,360 in May of 2019 as reported by the Occupational Outlook Handbook. They predict a 11% growth for the profession from 2018-28. US News & World Report ranks the top ten technology jobs for 2020 with median incomes from $69,430 for a web developer up to $142,530 for an IT Manager.

Degree Checklists

View the current requirements for a Minor or Bachelors of Business Administration degree in Information Technology Management:
ITM Minor


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