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Undergraduate Research Showcase poster submissions due March 31

The Office of Undergraduate Research is inviting poster submissions from students for the 2023 Undergraduate Research Showcase. 

The deadline to complete the submission form is 11:30 p.m. on Friday, March 31. Abstracts and posters may still be drafts at this point.

Submit a research poster

The Undergraduate Research Showcase is a celebration of research and a forum for Boise State students from all academic disciplines to share their work with the campus community. The event provides students with a low-stakes opportunity to present their research and receive valuable feedback. All undergraduate research projects are eligible, including:

  • Research projects for coursework at any level (term projects, papers, etc.)
  • Research performed as part of Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP)
  • Research conducted as part of an academic internship or service-learning project
  • Faculty-led research with undergraduate students
  • Student-led research supervised by a faculty mentor 

Visit the event website to learn more about different types of research and what can be presented at the Undergraduate Research Showcase.