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Martin discusses student athlete mental health on podcast

Eric Martin
Eric Martin

Eric Martin, associate professor in the Department of Kinesiology appeared on the episode “Get Your Bounce Back” of the Unit3d podcast. The podcast is hosted by Josie Nicholson, licensed psychologist and sport psychologist for the Ole Miss Rebels baseball team.

The Unit3d podcast hosts sport psychologists and mental health professionals to discuss the mental health of student athletes in honor of Tyler Hilinski, a Washington State quarterback who died by suicide in 2018. In this episode, Martin shares his research and experience with building resilience after injuries on the field, and how resilience is something that can be built in all aspects of a students life. Martin stresses the importance of allowing ourselves to fully rest and recover, in the hopes of coming back to the game stronger but also to support ourselves outside of being an athlete.

Martin also points out that resilience isn’t always an individual thing and people don’t have to be isolated in their recovery. Being willing to ask for and receive help are key aspects of being resilient in all aspects of life, he said.

The podcast episode can be found on Apple Podcasts or Spotify Podcasts.

For additional mental health support and information, the Dean of Students, Health Services and BroncoFit websites all include contact information, hours of operation, faculty and staff, and additional information.