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Davis wins international educator award for construction management

The Associated Schools of Construction recently named Kirsten Davis, associate professor of construction management, recipient of the 2023 ASC International Outstanding Educator Award. The Associated Schools of Construction is the professional association of construction educators and industry practitioners of more than 140 universities and other member schools working together to develop and advance construction education.

Kirsten Davis stands in front of the Micron Center for Materials Research with her two Educator Awards for Region 6 and International.
Kirsten Davis, Ph.D. received the 2023 ASC Region 6 and International Outstanding Educator of the Year.

Davis was nominated and awarded the 2023 ASC Regional Educator Award for Region Six and her nomination automatically qualified her for the International Educator Award. Davis said she was shocked to learn of her international award and was only able to respond with one word, “Wow!”

“I had never considered that this type of award would be something I was in the running for,” Davis said. “I think I’ve shown my students that I care. I’ve done my best to show them that they can achieve more than they think they can. Allowing my students the opportunity and resources to make that happen is why I enjoy teaching.” 

Davis was recognized for the award for her contribution to construction education, excellence in teaching, dedication to the construction profession, and her service to ASC. She joined the Department of Construction Management in the College of Engineering at Boise State in 2007.

“I’m ecstatic that her efforts have been recognized with this prestigious award within the construction management field,” Construction Management Department Chair Anthony Perrenoud said. “This is a well-deserved award for Kirsten. Not only does she care for the students here at Boise State University, but she also serves the entire construction management field.”

As an undergraduate, Davis worked at summer camps teaching first aid, CPR and outdoor activities, leading her to a passion for teaching. She shared her simple teaching philosophy and hope for more educators to utilize a similar approach to make an impact on students.

“With first-year students, which many of my students are, it is important to provide clear expectations that actively engage them in learning,” Davis said. “It starts on day one by building mutual respect in getting to know each other and making an effort to know them beyond who they are in my classroom. With mutual respect, I’m able to hold students to higher standards and expectations, while helping them learn to hold themselves accountable.”

-by Jamie Fink