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Loos-Bartlett presents on mental health treatments

Assistant professor Nicole Loos-Bartlett recently presented on treatment resistant depression at a St. Luke’s system-wide Grand Rounds event.

Grand Rounds are widely known in healthcare as structured educational events for providers to discuss medical problems and treatments. While they originated as doctors “made rounds” to patients, nowadays Grand Rounds resemble lecture events and are not held at the patients’ bedside.

Nicole Loos-Bartlett stands next to a nursing student and demonstrates incision.
Nicole Loos-Bartlett teaches nurse practitioner students in the School of Nursing.

Invited by St. Luke’s neurology department, Loos-Bartlett discussed lesser-known treatment options for treatment resistant depression. These include inhaled ketamine (Spravato), transcranial magnetic stimulation and recent research around psilocybin and methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) at academic institutions such as Harvard and Johns Hopkins.

Loos-Bartlett said it is crucial for providers to discuss developing mental health solutions since “every single county in Idaho has a critical shortage of mental health providers.”

Loos-Bartlett is a nurse practitioner with three board certifications in psychiatric-mental health, adult gerontology acute care and pediatrics. In addition to her own private practice, Loos-Bartlett is the medical director of the Crisis Center of Southern Idaho in Twin Falls where she frequently works with opioid detox patients.