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Boise State hosts educators for annual math teaching conference

Teachers from across the region in a lecture hall at Boise State for the annual Math Teaching Conference
Teachers from across the region attended the annual Math Teaching Conference August 2, hosted by faculty from the College of Education and Arts and Sciences at Boise State.

Over 300 math teachers, administrators and other educators from around the region gathered at Boise State Aug. 2, 2023 for the annual Math Teaching Conference, organized by the Math Education Collective, housed in the College of Education’s Center for School and Community Partnerships. The conference is one of the largest gatherings of K-12 teachers in the state each year.

Presentations addressed a variety of topics related to connecting research with teaching methods to improve students’ math learning, including fun, hands-on ways teachers can engage students in the classroom. One example activity was to examine the problem of tying shoelaces – a 5,000 year old math problem that is a relatable, everyday connection to math for students.

An instructor works with teachers at a table in the classroom at the Math Teaching Conference
Facilitators lead breakout sessions at the conference exploring ways to engage students in math learning.

Math teachers from across the state also shared best practices for improving student learning, including how to incorporate technology effectively in the math classroom, math intervention and helping students to engage in productive struggle.

The annual conference creates a valuable opportunity for teachers to learn from each other in person and to generate new ideas for teaching math. For attendees who work in small and rural schools, the conference presents a rare opportunity to meet and collaborate with educators outside of their school district.

More than a dozen Boise State faculty and staff organize the event each year, led by Michele Carney, professor in curriculum, instruction and foundational studies and Joe Champion, professor of mathematics.