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Sagebrush genome and restoration research featured by KTVB

Two researchers in lab look at computer
Boise State EPSCoR GEM3 project, Genomics Lab and Greenhouse research on sagebrush, Sven Buerki, and Anthony Melton, photo by Priscilla Grover

Biology associate professor Sven Buerki and his team’s sagebrush genome research was featured on KTVB Channel 7 on Aug. 7, 2023 with Andrew Baertlein.

This coverage pertained to the team’s recently published research in Plant-Environment Interactions, “A genotype × environment experiment reveals contrasting response strategies to drought between populations of a keystone species (Artemisia tridentata; Asteraceae).”

This research was conducted with undergraduate students from the Mapping Sagebrush Restoration Vertically Integrated Project.