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Boise State President highlights history-making year of research and fundraising records, rising national profile

Dr. Marlene Tromp speaking on stage
Boise State, President Marlene Tromp, State of The University Address, John Kelly photo.

Boise State University is succeeding, advancing and shattering records. That was the message from President Marlene Tromp’s State of the University address, an annual update to the campus community celebrating the successes of the most recent academic year.

Tromp announced two new records for Boise State – $91 million in research funding, which eclipses the previous research record of $68 million set last year, and $58.5 million in philanthropic support, surpassing last year’s record $56.5 million. The university plans to launch its largest fundraising campaign in history this October. Private support helps fund research projects, student scholarships, campus facilities, academic programs, faculty endeavors and more. 

“Our research moves the line of knowledge. It changes what we know,” Tromp said. “And our students being able to engage in that research changes how they think. It makes them intellectual leaders. It makes them innovators to be a part of the creation of knowledge.”

The university’s athletics department also raised $26.1 million to help with the What’s Next initiative, helping fund student-athlete scholarships, facility upgrades, resources, staffing, tools and programming necessary to provide Bronco student-athletes with opportunities to succeed in competition, in the classroom and in life after college.

Tromp announced successful initiatives from across campus and noted four areas in which the university is achieving national excellence: technology and innovation; health and wellbeing; environment and natural resources; and community engagement. She said Boise State is surpassing the goals of the university’s Blueprint for Success: improving access to education for students, driving innovation for institutional impact, advancing research and creative activity, fostering a thriving community, and trailblazing programs and partnerships. 

Other highlights include a projected increase of 6 percent in the enrollment numbers of incoming Idahoans in the wake of a 20-percent increase last year, Boise State’s involvement in the UPWARDS partnership at the G7 Summit, the launch of the Microelectronics Education and Research (MER) Institute, the creation of the Semiconductors for All program and a new graduate student housing program. 

“This really is a path-breaking, innovative university that changes people’s lives and is doing incredible things to change the world … I am so honored to have the privilege of leading and working alongside you. I am so grateful for the incredible work all of (the members of campus) have done in teaching, research and service, to change not only the lives of our students, but the future of the State of Idaho and to impact the world. Thank you, because together we are making history. Go Broncos.”

The Backwood Ramblers band performing on stage the the State of the University.
State of the University Address, SOU, with Boise State president Dr. Marlene Tromp,  and featuring opening music by the Backwood Ramblers. photo by Priscilla Grover

A recording of the address is now available on YouTube.