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Strategic Plan: Blueprint for Success 2021-2026


We assessed our priorities and gave deep thought to what makes us who we are as we built our Blueprint for Success. The strategic plan reflects the ways in which we intend to positively impact our students, our larger community, business and industry, government and non-profit organizations, our state’s economy, the arts, and so much more.

Our unique Boise State mindset – Blue Turf Thinking – is not about doing more with less, but doing our work in ways that envision a better future, that see our students and their needs more clearly, that take new approaches to research and to service. Our strategic plan, then, isn’t about adding another layer of work. Rather, as a community, we have developed clear guidelines about where we should direct our efforts going forward, allowing us to release labor that no longer serves our community.

I truly believe we will build upon our university’s strengths and the vital work that has already been done.

Dr. Marlene Tromp
Boise State University


Our Vision

To be a premier student-success driven research university innovating for statewide and global impact. The trailblazing, innovative character that has always defined Boise State will help us foster student success, advance Idaho and Idahoans, and strengthen our culture of innovation and impact.

Our Mission

Boise State provides an innovative, transformative, and equitable educational environment that prepares students for success and advances Idaho and the world.

Strategic Plan Goals

  1. Improve Educational Access and Student Success
  2. Innovation for Institutional Impact
  3. Advance Research and Creative Activity
  4. Foster Thriving Community
  5. Trailblaze Programs and Partnerships