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Fall updates from the Public Health Office

The Public Health Office at Boise State is busy preparing for a number of initiatives to keep campus and the entire southwestern Idaho community healthy.

Fall vaccination drive

There is an updated COVID-19 vaccine which is expected to be available by the third or fourth week of September, along with the annually released flu vaccines. These updated vaccines will closely match circulating variants and are vital to keeping the campus community healthy. With a late summer uptick in COVID-19 cases currently causing a rise in hospitalizations, the Public Health Office recommends these vaccines for all community members to protect from this season’s respiratory viruses. As a reminder, the office offers vaccinations to all community members, not just Boise State faculty, staff and students.

Reporting positive COVID-19 cases

Continue to either email or call (208) 426-2968 to report all positive COVID-19 cases, even if a home test was taken. The Public Health Office continues to offer PCR and rapid tests, Monday through Friday, at the Campus School building. Testing can be done by appointment or by using the self-service drop box. Visit the public health website for up-to-date information.

New sequencing core

The Genetic and Infectious Disease Laboratory has received approval for Boise State’s first Next Generation Sequencing Core which will provide in-house sequencing services. Over the last few years, the lab has been able to sequence hundreds of patient samples to identify SARS-CoV-2 variants and track their spread across Idaho. The lab is now offering its services to the greater campus community and anticipates that this technology will greatly benefit university researchers.