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eCampus Center names 2023-2024 Faculty Research Fellowship recipients

The eCampus Center announced the selection of five distinguished faculty members who will be pioneering the 2023-2024 Research Fellowship focusing on online education. Each research project studies emerging perspectives and practices as they benefit students. Each fellow will investigate emerging practices in teaching and learning online.

These individuals will be examining innovative perspectives and practices that have the potential to reshape the way online teaching and learning is approached. Their collective efforts aim to enhance the student learning experience in online courses.

The following overviews outline the promising research areas that our fellows will be exploring and publishing.

Baker Lawley

Clinical associate professor, Interdisciplinary Professional Studies and Bachelor of Applied Science

Lawley’s groundbreaking research will delve into Experiential Learning ePortfolios, a high-impact practice, and its effect on student retention and enrollment. Through analyzing student perceptions and the impact of portfolio creation on self-image, Lawley aims to develop methodologies to integrate portfolios into online experiential learning. This research could revolutionize the way we engage online learners.

Patrick Lowenthal

Professor in Educational Technology

Lowenthal’s innovative study focuses on faculty perceptions of accessibility tools like Ally. By combining analytics with qualitative data, he seeks to understand faculty needs, provide professional development, and enhance online course accessibility at Boise State University. This research may pave the way for a more inclusive online educational environment.

Andy Hung and Kerry Rice

Professors in Educational Technology

Hung and Rice will be leveraging analytics, machine learning, and AI to obtain profound insights into online student engagement trends. By pinpointing when online students disengage, they plan to design personalized interventions for positive outcomes. Their research stands to bring about transformative changes in identifying and responding to online student needs and learning patterns.

Brian Stone

Associate professor, Department of Psychology

Exploring the frontier of AI-supported student learning in online courses, Stone seeks to innovate instructional practices across disciplines. Aligning with Bloom’s taxonomy, he will create pedagogical strategies that can be applied at various levels. Stone’s research promises to culminate in an open educational resource, offering an invaluable asset to educators everywhere.

Join in this educational journey

Fellow academics are invited to consider collaborating with these fellows or embarking on similar innovative paths. The Faculty Research Fellowship’s commitment to excellence and innovation reflects the ongoing dedication to enhance the quality of online education and shape the future of learning.

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