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Martin awarded Early Career Professional Award at the American Psychological Association Convention

Eric Martin (right) poses with Megan Byrd, the Program Chair of Division 47.
Eric Martin (right) poses with Megan Byrd.

Eric Martin, associate professor in the Department of Kinesiology and director of the Center for Physical Activity and Sport, was awarded the Early Career Award from Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology Division at the annual American Psychological Association convention. As part of the award, Martin also presented “Embracing Growth: Insights from my Early Career.”

Martin was awarded for his contributions to research, teaching, applied consulting, and community outreach work in the field of sport and exercise psychology.The award honors someone early in their career who has made outstanding contributions in sport, exercise, and performance psychology.

Martin’s presentation reflected on his career so far and included seven lessons learned. He offered advice for incoming professionals and students, such as finding as many mentors as possible, reaching out to collaborators to add a fresh perspective to your work and accepting changes in interest over time.

Martin encourages students to “Bloom where you are planted – enjoy where you are and stop comparing yourself to others. Everyone has their own place to succeed,” and to “find the right balance of challenge and support in your own life.”