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Eric Martin, PhD, CC-AASP

Associate Professor, Department of Kinesiology

Eric Martin

Eric M. Martin joined the faculty at Boise State University in 2016. He earned a Ph.D. in Kinesiology with a concentration in Psychosocial Aspects of Sport and Physical Activity from the Department of Kinesiology at Michigan State University. Dr. Martin is the Co-director of the Center for Physical Activity and Sport (CPAS) where he has created partnerships with several organizations in the Treasure Valley and nationally.

Martin has three primary research interests. First, he has investigated various aspects of youth sport including using sport to promote positive youth development, fhe factors that influence youth athlete motivation, and the outcomes of various types of motivation. Second, he has focused his research on investigating resilience with particular attention to interventions aimed to influence both student-athlete and college student resilience and coping skills.  Finally, in collaboration with several colleagues across the nation, Martin has investigated athlete activism and the factors that influence athletes’ using their platform for social change.

In his spare time he enjoys playing and watching sports as well as spending time outdoors with his wife, Kristen, son, Jamison, and daughter, Carson.

Contact Information:

Phone: (208) 426-5418
Curriculum Vitae upon request
Eric Martin’s ScholarWorks

Research Interests:

Select Publications:

  • Vealey, R.S., Martin, E.M., Coppola, A., Ward, R.M., Chamberlain, J. (2020). The slippery slope: Can motivation and perfectionism lead to burnout in coaches? International Sport Coaching Journal, 7(1), 1-10.
  • Martin, E.M., Moorcroft, S., & Johnson, T. (2019). Backwards design and program level approaches to coach development in higher education. International Sport Coaching Journal, 6(3), 329 – 338.
  • Mac Intosh, A. & Martin, E.M. (2018) Creating athlete activists: Using sport as a vehicle to combat racism, Journal of Sport Psychology in Action, 9(3), 159-171. 
  • Martin, E.M., & Horn, T. S. (2013). The role of athletic identity and passion in predicting burnout in adolescent female athletes. The Sport Psychologist27(4), 338 – 348.


  • KINES 363 – Exercise Psychology
  • KINES 365 – Social Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity
  • KINES 532 – Applied Sport Psychology
  • KINES 530 – Psychology of Exercise and Sport