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Utility outages and sidewalk closure information for residence hall project

Construction of a student residence hall is underway in the existing parking lot between Albertsons Library, the Hemingway Center and the Amphitheater. The new structure will include 452-beds to support first-year students on Boise State’s campus beginning in fall 2025.

The initial phase of construction will see removal of the existing parking lot and relocation of existing underground utilities. This work will require temporary utility outages and closures of roads, sidewalks and/or bike lanes.

Project information, including details of utility outages or other disruptions, are detailed on the project webpage.

Impacts to campus

Utility outages

Short-term outages of water, gas, electrical and fiber are expected in the initial phase of construction, ending approximately in January 2024. Affected building occupants will be notified by Architectural and Engineering Services project managers of disruption of services. All outages will be scheduled to ensure as little impact to campus as possible, while also meeting the requirements of the project’s contractors and utility providers.

  • Power Outage – 6-9 a.m. Nov. 1: Affected buildings include Albertsons Library and the Hemingway Center. These buildings will be closed while the power is off. Expected reopening time is 9 a.m.
  • Water outage – 6 p.m. Nov. 1 to 8 a.m. Nov. 2: Affected buildings include Science, Education and SMASH. The Science building will be closed during the outage. SMASH and Education buildings will remain open but the restrooms will be locked.

Sidewalk closure

Theater Lane sidewalk closure: From Nov. 6-24 the Theater Lane construction fence will extend from its current location to include the sidewalk and a portion of the grass to the east. Sidewalk closure and detour signs will be provided by the contractors.


In the event an emergency, immediately call the Department of Public Safety Communications Center at (208) 426-6911. General project questions can be emailed to