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Employees can update benefits through qualifying life events

Qualifying life events that are planned or unexpected can impact employee benefits and require timely action. Life events such as getting married or divorced; becoming a parent, or losing coverage when a spouse changes jobs can prompt benefit changes.

Most benefit elections are made by employees during the annual open enrollment period each spring. However, the Office of Group Insurance allows employees to update their benefits throughout the year due to qualifying life events.

Qualifying life events and timeline for submission include:

  • Marriage/Divorce (60-days)*
  • Legal Separation (30-days)*
  • Birth or Adoption (60-days)*
  • Death (30-days)*
  • Change in coverage under other employer’s plan (30-days)*
  • Spouse loss of coverage (30-days)*

Documentation requirements:

  • Documentation is required as evidence of life changes.
  • To avoid denial due to late submissions, employees should start the application process before having necessary documentation.

For more information, visit the Office of Group Insurance’s eligibility and enrollment website, view the qualifying life event guide or contact the Boise State benefits team at

*Changes must be submitted to Human Resources within 30 days of the qualifying life event or 60 days if the qualifying life event is due to marriage, birth/adoption, or if an employee or eligible dependent loses coverage under Medicaid or a state Children’s Health Insurance Program or becomes eligible for state-provided premium assistance. Late applications are not accepted.