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Allen’s discusses the Russia-Ukraine war in two articles for The National Desk

Michael Allen, professor of political science in the School of Public Service, was featured in two articles discussing the Russia-Ukraine war and how support for U.S. aid to Ukraine has shifted since the war began.

When interviewed about the current status of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and how aid to Israel affects U.S. aid to Ukraine, Allen said international aid will be a deciding factor for the war. He noted that support for Ukraine in European countries has declined over time and predicts U.S. aid to Ukraine would only continue if the U.S. also sends support to Israel. The interview was picked up by over 60 news outlets.

Allen was also interviewed about a poll that shows Americans are increasingly dissatisfied about aid to Ukraine, due to the perception that Ukraine’s gains are marginal. He discussed the domestic political fight in the U. S., how aid is important to Ukraine and how the U.S. investment now helps prevent a future direct conflict with Russia. Allen says the U.S. aid to Ukraine is a strategy to send a message that invasions from Russia or other countries will not be tolerated.