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Call for nominations: University Foundations Teaching Awards

The General Education Committee is asking the campus community to help recognize faculty members who teach foundational courses to non-majors by submitting a University Foundations teaching award nomination. The awards recognize the essential contribution these members of the faculty make to the core mission of public education. The University Foundations curriculum includes not only UF 100 and UF 200, but also First Year Writing and Foundations of the Discipline courses (like Art 100 or Biology 191).

Six winners receive awards from Boise State for their dedicated teaching that often goes unrecognized. The winner will also be entered as candidates for statewide awards from the Idaho State Board of Education. To recognize someone for the creativity and dedication they bring to teaching a foundations course, submit a nomination before Jan. 31, 2024.

How to Nominate

Submit a brief two-question nomination form, or send a nomination letter about the candidate to

Winning candidates who become nominees the statewide award will be asked to provide further materials, such as a CV and a sample assignment, and to participate in an interview to prepare their state-level nomination packet. View the statewide award criteria.