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Oestreicher shares university history with Boise community

picture of Cheryl Oestreicher
Cheryl Oestreicher

Idaho News 6 (KIVI) interviewed Cheryl Oestreicher, a professor and head of special collections and archives at Albertsons Library, about the university’s history. KIVI aired a story celebrating the library’s 50th anniversary while looking back at Boise State’s growth since 1974 (when the school became a university). 

“We have been blue and orange and the Broncos since we were founded in 1932-33,” Oestreicher said. “Students chose the mascot and the colors. But it was in 2013 that we got our big ‘B’ as the logo with the next year building the plaza with the ‘B.'” 

Governor Cecil Andrus signed a bill on Feb. 22, 1974 which officially designated Boise State as a university. Visit university history research to learn more, or contact Oestreicher at