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College of Business and Economics announces annual faculty awards

The College of Business and Economics recently announced the recipients of their annual faculty awards and stipends. The following faculty members were selected from a strong and deep pool of nominees. A few of their many accomplishments and contributions are listed below.

COBE Advisory Council Research Award

Kyle Allen, an associate professor in the Department of Finance received this award which recognizes a faculty member’s research accomplishments.

Kyle Allen

Allen’s research area is broadly defined as financial markets and institutions,  specifically examining the risk and inefficiencies in the community banking sector. He has published 15 peer-reviewed journal publications in highly respected finance journals such as the Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Financial Stability, The Financial Review and Finance Research Letters.

Allen published a six peer-reviewed academic papers in 2023. One of these papers was published in the Journal of Banking and Finance, marking his second publication in this leading scholarly journal. He has several papers under review at other leading finance journals as well, showcasing his ongoing commitment to scholarly excellence.

COBE Advisory Council Service Award

Christie Fuller, an associate professor in the Department of Information Technology and Supply Chain Management, received this award which recognizes a faculty member’s dedication to service outside of the classroom.

Christie Fuller

Fuller has taken on engagement opportunities at the university, in the community and in her profession throughout her career. She has followed her passion for community engagement and preparing her students for their careers, creating or co-creating a student analytics group doing projects for nonprofits, an event series connecting students with former students, industry professionals and faculty in her department, an analytics certificate, and a mentoring program.

Fuller has had more than 20 service assignments in the last five years. These include serving on department employee search committees and the college’s committees for promotion and tenure, curriculum, improvement and assessment.

Over the course of Fuller’s career, she has made many contributions to the profession. She have completed reviews for nine journals, two conferences and a textbook publisher in the past five years. She serves on the editorial boards for three analytics-focused journals.

John Elorriaga Endowed Fellowship

Susan Park, an associate professor in the Department of Management, received this fellowship. Funded by the late John Elorriaga, a business graduate of Boise Junior College and CEO of U.S. Bank, recognizes a faculty member for accomplishments in teaching.

Susan Park

Park’s approach to teaching is distinguished by her true commitment to continuous improvement. Never complacent or satisfied with ‘good enough,’ she always seeks to find the best way to reach students. She has taught an impressive portfolio of courses which reflect her willingness to take on teaching challenges. She has the courage to change and to experiment with new formats, methods and content. She has consistently enrolled in training seminars, including a year-long Teaching Scholars seminar in which participants develop new strategies to engage students in large enrollment courses.

“It was a great course, my favorite course this semester. I found it very interesting and the instructor did a wonderful job, she really wants to help her students succeed,” a sample of a student testimonial said.

“Professor Park was one of the best instructors I had in this program. She was responsive, accommodating and extremely helpful with providing feedback on assignments. It was apparent she was engaged,” another said.

Ada Burke Endowed Fellowship

Shikhar Sarin, a professor in the Department of Marketing received this award which recognizes overall accomplishments in teaching, research and service. John Elorriaga funded this award in honor of Ada Burke, a valued and dedicated teacher of his at Boise Junior College.

Shikhar Sarin

Sarin leads his undergraduate courses in ways that help students connect the latest insights about marketing and research design to real-world problems, incorporating live case clients into his classes. During his career at Boise State, his students have completed numerous projects for nonprofit and for-profit organizations throughout the Treasure Valley. This approach brings marketing research topics to life, illustrating how complex marketing strategy and research concepts are applied to tangible business challenges.

Sarin has made remarkable research contributions to the field of marketing. He has works in 34 journals, 33 conference publications and his work has appeared in some of the leading journals in marketing and related fields over the course of his over 20 year career.

Sarin’s service role as a senior faculty involves serving many different constituencies. He serves his discipline, university, college, department and community in varied capacities.

Distinguished Teaching Professorship

Jeff Lingwall, an associate professor in the Department of Management, received this professorship which rewards outstanding teaching effectiveness and developments that advance the quality of the educational delivery. Recipients exemplify the mission, values and culture of the College of Business and Economics.

Jeff Lingwall

Lingwall’s stellar ratings and reviews from his students are a testament to his passion for teaching and his dedication to students. His evaluations are consistently among the highest in the Department of Management.

Students have said, “Experience and knowledge were off the charts,” “Phenomenal lectures,” “I have never been so excited to attend a lecture,” “My favorite class from the whole [MBA] program,” and “THIS CLASS WAS HANDS DOWN THE BEST COLLEGE CLASS I’VE EVER TAKEN!

Lindwall consistently provides students energetic lectures using interactive demonstrations and hypotheticals which cultivate comprehension and prompt collaboration. His application of multimedia platforms gets students to participate in class. His teaching innovations and extra efforts benefit not only his students, but students across the college and country. He has written three Open Educational Resource (OER) textbooks that he uses in his legal studies and ethics courses, each free to students. A faculty member from another university referred to one of Lingwall’s textbooks as “by far the best business law OER I’ve seen yet.”