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Kendall joins the Broadway League Board of Governors

Laura Kendall inside the Morrison Center

Laura Kendall, the Morrison Center’s executive director, was recently named as one of 17 newly elected members to The Broadway League’s Board of Governors. She will serve a two-year term and can be re-elected in 2025.

“Bringing Broadway to Idaho has been part of the Morrison Center for over 20 years. Recently, producers have noticed Boise is a must-visit place on their tours,” Kendall said.”They love how accessible amenities are for their actors and crew, and the Morrison Center is state-of-the-art, with a crew of professionals who keep everything running smoothly.”

The Broadway League is the full-service national trade association for the Broadway industry. It was born in response to Broadway theater operators wanting to negotiate collective bargaining agreements with theatrical unions and guilds. It eventually expanded to serve the needs of producers and touring shows. Over 700 members honor the league’s mission to make Broadway more accessible across North America, promoting Broadway as a vibrant national entertainment medium through events and services that aim to make the theatrical community everyone’s community.

Kendall said her appointment to the board will serve to further show the positive impact of the Morrison Center and the university.

“This enables us to share the incredible growth of the Treasure Valley, the excitement people have for the live performing arts, and the quality of our city,” She said. “Broadway brings incredible economic impact to the state through hotel rooms, taxes, dining, rentals, and supporting local jobs.”

As an auxiliary unit of Boise State University, the Morrison Center serves more than 160,000 people per year with an annual economic impact of $27M. Broadway in Boise has just over 7,000 subscribers and will expand the 2024-2025 season to include at least eight performances per engagement.