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Use Bronco Learn to find research funding with ‘SPIN’

Boise State University’s Center for Research and Creative Activity is pleased to offer a new resource for faculty to learn how to access funding opportunities for research or creative activity.

This offering, called SPIN, is available within the Bronco Learn registry and will appear on the Canvas dashboard as a self-paced course.

Additional courses

Stay tuned for other courses to be published in Spring 2024, including:

  • Introduction to Research and Creative Activity at Boise State
  • Manage Award Program
  • Team Science 101
  • Prepare Proposal Program Submodules: Logic Model Development and Proposal Graphics
  • InfoEd Navigation for Institutional Review Board (IRB)

The Division of Research and Economic Development recognizes Education, Training and Programmatic Sustainability Director Anna Drennen for her fantastic work to make these offerings possible.

Please reach out to Anna Drennen with questions: