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Great Ideas Summit faculty presenters announced

A key part of the Center for Teaching and Learning’s Great Ideas events is to invite Boise State educators to share their teaching practices as they relate to that year’s theme. This year’s theme is “Humanizing Education” and the Great Ideas Summit planning committee has announced the 2024 lightning talk presenters and, as a new addition to the agenda, round table facilitators, who will address how they are humanizing education in their work.

These are just part of the learning and engagement opportunities in this year’s Great Ideas Summit. To learn more, and to register, visit the Great Ideas Summit webpage.

Lightning Talks

Three lightning talk sessions with different foci will take place concurrently between 11 a.m.-noon on March 29.

Lightning Talks Session 1: Reflective Practices (Bergquist Lounge)

  • Reflection Practices : Timothy Guill, History
  • Jagged Learning Profiles: Serena Morales, Curriculum, Instruction and Foundational Studies
  • Reflective Listening in One-on-one Grade Conferencing: Elizabeth Barnes, Writing Studies
  • A Mindful Travel Journal: Greg Heinzman, University Foundations

Lightning Talks Session 2: Relationships and Learning (Bishop Barnwell)

  • Healthy Attachments and Building Relationships: Julia Broderick, Sociology
  • Lateral Reading Module in the Library’s Research and Critical Inquiry Microcourse: Elizabeth Ramsey, Albertsons Library
  • Storytelling/Reflection: Anne Hamby, Marketing
  • Advising Perspective: Nancy Tacke and Leslie Carlson, College of Arts and Sciences Academic Advising and Student Success
  • Ungrading: Sharon Paterson and MacKenzie Foster, Sociology

Lightning Talks Session 3: University Foundations (Lookout Room)

  • Perspectives Program: Corinna Provant-Robishaw and Bennett Owens, University Foundations
  • Know-Do-Become: Becca Sibrian, World Languages/University Foundations
  • Know-Do-Become, Ideas in Math: Kathrine Johnson, Mathematics/University Foundations
  • Durable Skills: Rafael Ribas, Economics/University Foundations

Faculty Roundtables: Operationalizing Humanizing Education (Lookout Room)

The faculty round table discussions take place 2:20-3:20 p.m. on March 29.

  • Durable Skills Roundtable : Candyce Reynolds and Ti Macklin, University Foundations
  • Virtual Student Check-ins: Lori Watsen, School of Social Work
  • Flexibility of Choice through Microcredentials: Jenn Mallette, English
  • Proactive communication: Rachel E. Silverman, Communication
  • What do you contribute (as a student)?: Gail Shuck, English
  • Accessibility Hubs: Carolyn Quintero, University Web Strategy Team