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Huerta presents on Campus Recreation inventory automation

In collaboration with RecRe CEO and Co-Founder Griffin Harrington and RecRe Account Manager Max Cannon, Eden Huerta, coordinator of member services at Boise State’s Campus Recreation, recently facilitated a webinar discussion on the trends and challenges of managing recreational spaces while streamlining inventory management.

Boise State’s Campus Recreation is the first collegiate recreation center in the country to automate their equipment and towel checkout processes, freeing student staff members to engage in more high impact employment practices and allowing members to access equipment on their own timeline.

“A big portion of our staff members’ responsibility is to check out pieces of equipment, and, oftentimes, their job ends up being waiting for somebody to turn in equipment,” Huerta said. “It creates a low fulfillment job for student staff and doesn’t offer a lot of professional development.”

Huerta said the automation processes have provided student employees with a more rewarding experience and that staff turnover has been minimal as a result.