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Use Boise State’s writing style guide for consistent content across campus

Boise State’s writing style guide is a helpful resource for all staff, faculty and students to use when writing content, articles or copy for marketing campaigns, graphics, etc. The guide is located on the Brand Standards website, and offers a searchable FAQ section for common questions, writing tips and more.

As part of the style guide, the Office of Communications and Marketing also offers “the basics” where users can find a shorter list of key topics like the importance of using active voice, quoting people in stories, simplicity and sources. Boise State writers and content creators must think of the reader first and foremost. Stories should be accessible, clear and meaningful for the university’s audience – the general public, not exclusively academics.

The university uses the Associated Press style (the style most news organizations use) with some exceptions noted in the style guide. To order a desk copy of the “AP Stylebook,” visit

Please direct writing style questions to the Office of Communications and Marketing at