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Apply for Institute for Advancing American Values’ faculty fellowship

The Institute for Advancing American Values is conducting an internal search for one faculty fellow to support the institute’s mission and activities. The application deadline is April 22, or until the position is filled. Faculty from any discipline can apply.

The positions consist of a two-year commitment of six to eight hours per week in fall and spring semesters, and a summer commitment of no more than 20 hours total. Successful candidates will receive a course buyout (at an adjunct rate) in each year of service and a stipend. Interested faculty should consult with their department chair before applying. Position details and application requirements are on the institute’s website.

The Institute for Advancing American Values encourages conversation between multiple viewpoints to spur engagement, understanding and human connection. Institute activities include public events to encourage dialogue about central issues facing Idaho and the nation, and research and projects that approach complex and contested issues through the prism of American values and evidenced-based research. Other activities involve education programming supporting the development of new courses across the disciplines that chart how the values of freedom, opportunity, democracy, free expression and other values have shaped the triumphs and challenges of universities and American life generally.