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Keys presents research at national art education conferences

Studio portrait of Kathleen Keys
Kathleen Keys

Kathleen Keys, a professor in the Department of Art, Design and Visual Studies, presented two papers at the 2024 National Art Education Association Convention in Minneapolis in early April. Her papers are titled “Documenting a Silenced Pedagogy: Early Art Education in American Schools for the Deaf” and “Anti-Ableist Re-Framings of Self-Taught/Outsider Artists.”

Keys presented related research papers at both the Mapping International Art Education Histories Conference at Teachers College, Columbia University, and the Art Education Research Institute at the University of Arizona in October and December 2023, respectively.

Keys will present a workshop, “Self-Taught/Outsider Artists in Art and Visual Culture Education: Expanding Inclusion Pathways for Teaching & Learning,” at the USSEA: United States Society for Education through Art Conference in June in Sante Fe, New Mexico.