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Master of Public Administration capstone showcase April 24

Ben Larsen, a research scholar in the School of Public Service, involved his Master of Public Administration capstone students in hands-on experiential learning with significant community contributions. This semester, Larsen partnered with seven community organizations. With the help of the Service-Learning Program, Larsen scoped service-learning projects to fit the specific learning goals and skills of the capstone students. These partnerships provide the students with valuable career-building and community-oriented experiences, and the organizations benefit from the students’ expertise.

Students will highlight their projects at a capstone showcase from 6:30-8:30 p.m. on Wednesday, April 24 in the Micron Center for Materials Research Building, Room 205. RSVP in advance by April 19.

Contact Ben Larsen at with questions about the event.

The Projects

City of Victor – Historical Site Strategic Planning

The City of Victor is reconsidering the use of the historic train depot that is a landmark of the community. Students provided technical assistance to help Victor create a strategic plan for the site including goals, measurable objectives and strategies for community feedback.

Living Independence Network Corporation – Models of Independent Living

The Living Independence Network Corporation is trying to differentiate themselves and other independent living centers that serve people with disabilities from institutionalized care facilities. Students conducted a nationwide survey of centers for independent living to learn how folks across the U.S. are addressing this issue.

Our Path Home – Impacts From Loss of Public Spaces

Our Path Home needs to understand the potential socio-economic impacts of the loss of public spaces on those experiencing homelessness. Students conducted a case study of the Cooper Court neighborhood in Boise to get a sense of how services will be impacted by the privatization of the area.

City of Boise – Goathead Mitigation Strategic Planning

The City of Boise Parks and Recreation needed assistance with the long-term planning of goathead puncturevine mitigation. Students provided technical assistance to help Boise create a strategic plan that brings together stakeholders and established measurable goals for ongoing success.

Boise State Transportation and Parking/Office of Sustainability – Transportation Mode Shift

Boise State is hoping to better understand why campus community members choose their mode of transportation and what incentives shift users to options that lower carbon emissions. Students conducted a focus group of faculty, staff and students to learn why people choose their mode of transportation and stories about using alternate modes of transportation to campus.

City of Boise – Zoning Code Qualitative Research Pilot

The City of Boise is evaluating the new zoning ordinance adopted in 2023. Students conducted pilot interviews with recent applicants to better understand the strengths and barriers of the new application process.

Idaho Hunger Relief Task Force – Food Security Policy Best Practices

The Idaho Hunger Relief Task Force has established a statewide research agenda for 2024-25 that will better understand gaps in food assistance programming and foster greater collaboration between stakeholders. Students conducted case studies of Idaho and several surrounding states to learn about best practices in food security policy across the western U.S.