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Hudyma honored at Idaho Academy of Science and Engineering banquet

headshot of Nick Hudyma
Nick Hudyma

The Idaho Academy of Science and Engineering recently recognizing outstanding contributions to the field of engineering and scientific research at its annual closing banquet. Among the honorees was Nick Hudyma, a professor of civil engineering. The organization recognized him as a trailblazing researcher in the realm of geotechnical engineering.

“The Idaho Academy of Science and Engineering recognizes Hudyma’s commitment to advancing knowledge, fostering collaboration and championing inclusive practices,” the organization said. “His legacy reverberates through generations of engineers and scientists, inspiring them to reach for the stars.”

Research pioneer and visionary

Hudyma’s research delves into the intricate behavior of rock, both in controlled laboratory settings and in the field. His toolkit includes cutting-edge imaging techniques such as CT scanning, photogrammetry and LiDAR, alongside geophysical measurements like acoustic emission and ultrasonics. His work bridges the gap between theory and practice, unraveling the mysteries of rock mechanics.

Notable areas of investigation include:

    • Fracture characterization of cortical bone: Shedding light on the mechanics of bone fractures, with implications for medical science and orthopedics.
    • Tensile failure precursors in rock: By identifying early signs of rock failure, this research contributes to safer infrastructure design and hazard mitigation.
    • Ground properties and rockfall coefficients of restitution: Understanding how rocks interact with their environment informs protective measures against rockfall hazards.

A scholar and advocate

Hudyma’s intellectual curiosity is reflected in his extensive publication record, which boasts over 120 papers in esteemed scientific venues. His research has garnered support from the National Science Foundation and the Florida Department of Transportation.

Beyond academia, Hudyma has served as an expert witness for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Department of Justice,  and has lent his expertise to complex construction projects. He served as chair of the civil engineering department at Boise State from 2019-2022.

Read more about Hudyma on the College of Engineering website.