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Updates to payroll process for end of employment and improved pay slips

The Human Resources and Workforce Strategy and Office of Continuous Improvement teams continue to work towards a better payroll experience for campus. Soon, the teams will be rolling out a new process for separating employees and functionality for pay slips.

Time Entry for Separating Employees

Beginning May 20, 2024, managers and time and labor coordinators will be able to enter, submit and approve time for separated employees within 30 days of their separation, if needed. Previously, the payroll team entered time for separated employees and confirmed approval with the manager. For guidance, please consult the edit or view a time card entry for another employee job aid.

Departments are asked to remind departing employees to download pay slips before their last day of employment, which can be done easily in Bronco Hub. The process is lengthy and complex once an employee leave the university.

The employee separation checklist can help to provide a smooth transition for departing employees.

New and improved pay slips

Employees who have voluntary deductions and/or retroactive activity will soon see more helpful information on their pay slips.

Starting with the May 24 paycheck, paystubs will show details such as:

  • A breakdown of voluntary deductions for that pay period (still visible will be the total amount deducted for the year).
  • Any changes made to timecards retroactively will be included in pay, including the date the changes take effect. This is helpful if a previous timecard was submitted with errors in need of correction.

For assistance, submit a ServiceNow ticket.