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Video Transcript – Inside the Luminary

Video Transcript

(bright music)

[Lisa Hunt, Interim Director, Keith and Catherine Stein Luminary] So the Keith and Catherine Stein Luminary was sponsored by Catherine Stein. And in it, we have a state-of-the-art facility with 25,000 lumen projection, digital touch screen walls, which is unusual for any kind of cave environment at any university in the world at the moment.

(People interact with artwork in the luminary using touch screens)

[Lisa Hunt] What we do, is that we bring in thousands of artworks via collections that have been made available through museums worldwide. And we bring them in digitally and then funnel them into an application that allows everyone to explore all the artwork from all of these collections, put them side by side with each other, pan in, zoom around, get into the details. I think that when you come to the Luminary, you’re going to meet some unexpected ways of looking at art. I think it’s going to illuminate your perspective. I think it is going to truly transform the way you think and look at art. And I think it’s also going to make you feel very creative.

(bright music)