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Students Seek Out Health Career Advice

One group of students is living and learning about prospective careers in the health care industry; a second group of students is organizing a Health Science Career Enhancement Fair. Both are practicing skills that they will continue to use after graduating from Boise State.

The Members of the Health Professions Residential College in Fall 2012
The members of the Health Professions Residential College are excited about rafting.

Sixteen students are living with and learning from Lutana Haan, assistant professor in the Department of Respiratory Care and faculty-in-residence for the Health Professions Residential College (HPRC). Haan and her family live in the dorms alongside the students. In this learning environment, students are able to combine what they are learning with real world experience.

Once a week in a classroom, the students prepare strategies for academic success as well as develop their own personal definition of health care. Currently, they are exploring what it means to be healthy or ill, as well as what it means to care for themselves and others. To tie in with their class discussion, Haan is planning a visit to the “Bodies Revealed” exhibit at the Discovery Center in Boise. Group activities like this are common and do not always tie directly to the coursework. The students have enjoyed rafting, camping, attending Bronco home games and group “family” dinners promote a closely-knit, supportive group. By living in the HPRC, students foster an appreciation for and a better understanding of the connections between health related disciplines. They discover the role of health care providers across fields and explore the many responsibilities of different careers. Read more about the HPRC.

Meanwhile, the Boise State Student Nurses Association has been busy organizing a health care career fair. On Nov. 2, the Health Science Career Enhancement Fair, in the Boise State Student Union, will offer an opportunity for College of Health Sciences students and local health care businesses to come together to help the students improve their career outlook. Students will be able to network with potential employers, brush up on your interviewing skills, and explore opportunities in the Health Sciences field.

The Student Nurses Association is asking faculty to volunteer to read resumes during the fair and to promote the fair to their students with this flier (PDF). If you would like to volunteer at the fair or have questions about the fair, please contact Samantha Fundingsland,