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Nursing Students Assist Department of Health and Welfare in Health Screenings for Micron Employees

Students at Micron to test employee's blood pressure

On April 23 and 25, nursing students volunteered to perform blood pressure screenings at Micron for employees. The Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention program (HDSP), a division of the Department of Health and Welfare, organized this event with Micron. Students took manual blood pressures and did education with employees.

Students valued the “repetitive practice” and employees enjoyed interacting with enthusiastic students. A total of 131 Micron employees were screened by seven students. The HDSP team is analyzing the data collected from these screenings.

Lucy Zhao, MSN, MPA, RN, clinical instructor for the School of Nursing, and Christina Ford, BA, BSN, RN, clinical coordinator for the School of Nursing, served as faculty for the event. The student volunteers were:

  • Samantha Fundingsland
  • Jessica Kelley-Bickford
  • Lauren Kraemer
  • Alisha Hawk
  • Aide Salinas
  • Megan Hull
  • Jacob Floyd