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Upcoming Sesqui-Speaks Event Focuses on History of School of Nursing

Listen to “Education and Care: A History of the Nursing Program in Boise” presented by Stephanie Milne-Lane and Kelly Horn on Nov. 6, 5:30-6:30pm at the Sesqui-Shop (1008 Main St.).

In the mid-1950s, Boise’s Junior College offered an academic nursing program that laid the foundation for what is now Boise State University’s School of Nursing. Boise State’s nursing program has grown alongside the university itself, from junior to state college to university. From six rooms in the Science Building to shared space in the Science/Education Building until 2010 when the nursing program moved to a home all its own with the construction of the Norco Building. Along the way, the department enjoyed the assistance of Boise nursing leader, JoAnna “Jody” DeMeyer. A native Idahoan, DeMeyer focused not only on academic education, but on patient education. DeMeyer also created the Boise State Friends of Nursing organization to raise funds for both students and faculty.

Horn is a native Idahoan who graduated from Idaho State University in Pocatello in 2003, with a bachelor’s degree in English and history. She moved to Boise in 2007 to attend Boise State University and received a master’s in history in 2009. She is a freelance author and editor, and a slush-pile reader for Daily Science Fiction. She volunteers locally as an audio book reviewer with the Idaho Commission for Libraries. In 2010, she was hired by the Boise State School of Nursing to research and write the school’s history, as well as a history on nursing leader DeMeyer.

Milne-Lane works for Stevens Historical Research Associates as a project coordinator and researcher. Originally from Washington state, Stephanie earned her bachelor’s degree in history from Eastern Washington University. She also holds a master of arts in applied historical research from Boise State.

Sesqui-Speaks is an informal lecture series offered free to the public, exploring a wide range of historical and current topics unique to Boise. This series is part of the BOISE 150 program led by the Boise City Department of Arts & History. Topics will range from little known pieces of Boise’s history, all the way to what’s in store for Boise’s future; plus everything in between. Audience members will leave each Sesqui-Speaks with a greater appreciation for, and a deeper understanding of, Boise’s distinct identity. Sesqui-Speaks will happen throughout 2013 at various Boise locations.

Join presenters Horn and Milne-Lane as they explore the history behind the Boise State School of Nursing, the Boise State Friends of Nursing at Boise State, and nursing visionary DeMeyer.