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Two Award-Winning Homecoming Floats Built by College of Health Sciences’ Student Organizations

The Student Association of Radiologic Technologists (SART) and the Student Nurses Association (SNA) built award-winning floats for the 2013 Boise State University homecoming parade. Both student organizations compete each year in the parade’s float competition and both often win awards for their work.

SART Homecoming float

SART won the most creative float award. Thirty students participated in building and walking in the parade. The float was decorated with the theme of “Bury the Wolf Pack,” which included a Boise State football player with his valiant steed – a miniature pony that SART incorporates into its float design each year – keeping a scary wolf at bay within the graveyard scene. SART added a smoke machine and a strobe light coming from the wolf’s grave to add an enhanced visual effect. The float displayed slogans, such as “Zap the Wolf pack,” “Bury the Wolf pack” and “Radiate the Wolves.”

SNA won the Vice President’s Award for their themed float “Numb the Nevada Wolfpack.” The float featured nursing students in scrubs or SNA t-shirts holding large paper syringes over a figure with a wolf mask, a Bronco figure in front with a large paper syringe and a huge paper nurse’s hat on top of the truck that pulled the trailer. The team that rode or walked along the float consisted of Brianne Baer, SNA vice president, who was dressed in an inflatable horse costume; Shantyl Betty, SNA volunteer coordinator; Caitlyn Bevans, SNA newsletter editor; Marty Downey, SNA faculty advisor; Shayla Ritchie, Kristen Simonson and Mandy Topangco, members of the float committee; Darli Aung, former SNA Historian; and Dan Nguyen, former SNA webmaster. The School of Nursing visitors from Hangzhou Normal University, faculty “Fan” Yafeng Fan, Chris (Hao Dan), Betty (Xu Luyin), and Linda (Xie Jiahui), also participated in the parade.

Congratulations to SNA and SART.

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