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About the School of Nursing


To be recognized as a leading center for nursing education in the Northwest.


Foster intellectual development and excellence in nursing education through teaching, learning, scholarship and service.


The concepts of the nursing paradigm – Person/Client, Health, Nursing, Environment, and Professional Nursing Education – are the guiding concepts for the art and science of nursing and the education of students.

The following summaries reflect the beliefs of the School of Nursing about these concepts.

SON Summary of Beliefs

Faculty and Staff

Our faculty

are supportive teachers, passionate about nursing, and experienced educators with a wide range of clinical and academic expertise. Whether courses are taught online, in the classroom, or in a clinical setting, teaching and learning are highly interactive and multidimensional and the curriculum is designed to facilitate experiences that help students to integrate theoretical concepts into practice.

Our dedicated staff

Share the values of the School of Nursing community and provide high-touch services and support to students while supporting the coordination and promotion of our academic programs.

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