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Shelle Poole, PhD, PMP, MBB

Divisional Dean/Associate Clinical Professor, School of Nursing

Shelle Poole, PhD, PMP, MBB

Shelle Poole is Divisional Dean and an Associate Clinical Professor at Boise State University.  Her main area of focus is leadership. Dr. Poole brings extensive knowledge and expertise in organizational leadership and strategic management. In her career, Dr. Poole has focused on leading business improvements, organizational design, and transformational leadership.  She has led multiple pan-enterprise initiatives and has worked in innovation incubator teams. While at Boise State she has taught across several departments and has also received several faculty teaching & service awards. 

Dr. Poole has significant training in organizational leadership, receiving her PhD in Adult Development and Organizational Leadership from the University of Idaho and her master’s in Organizational Leadership from George Fox University. Dr. Poole has acted as a business consultant in a variety of venues and brings over 20 years of business leadership experience to the School of Nursing. Dr. Poole brings a depth of knowledge to the School of Nursing as a leadership expert with a passion for meeting Idaho’s nursing workforce needs. In her free time, Dr. Poole enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and gardening.

Contact Information

Office: Norco 433B
Phone:(208) 426-4132