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Clinical Course Documentation (Policy FP-03)

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Effective Date

Fall 2008

Last Revision Date


Responsible Party

Divisional Dean, Chief Nurse Administrator, Program Directors, and Clinical Coordinators

Scope and Audience

Faculty members who teach a clinical course, including face to face courses and online distance delivery.

Additional Authority


1. Policy Purpose

This policy will ensure the necessary documentation in the clinical course setting by School of Nursing faculty.

2. Policy Statement

The faculty will review the course syllabus for specific clinical information and requirements.

Student Documentation and communication responsibilities (program specific)

  1. Oral and/or assigned communication modes with each student as appropriate to address progression of meeting the course objectives
  2. Maintains ongoing written documentation of any performance behaviors of concern regardless of improvement or passing the course throughout the semester. Ensures it is filed in the student’s record
  3. Formative and summative evaluations are completed with each student at mid- term and end of course. Any evaluation that demonstrates a lack of evidence of meeting required competencies will be placed in the student’s record

Facility Documentation and Communication responsibilities (program specific)

  1. Clinical Coordinator or assigned staff verifies that all health and agency requirements are completed in collaboration with the Clinical and/or Program Directors
  2. Completes agency specific documentation regarding injuries sustained in clinical settings and communicate incidents to the Divisional Dean and Associate Divisional Dean/Chief Nurse Administrator
  3. Ensures all Risk Management forms have been completed at agency and university (where applicable)

Related Information

BSU: None

CHS: None

SON: None

Last Review Date


Revision History

Fall 2008 as Standards of Clinical Responsibilities, Spring 2014 as Clinical Course Documentation, July 2020, 4/1/2022